What You Need to Watch for with Your Newborn

When you are looking for newborn care, you will want to find a pediatrician such as Willow Bend Pediatrics, located in Plano, TX, that newbornunderstands what your child needs in terms of care. They will usually see your newborn within days of their discharge from the hospital. During the first well visit, you will be able to ask questions and address any concerns you may have about newborn care. They will perform a physical exam, observe your baby's behaviors and development, and track their growth.

About Plano Newborn Care

A pediatrician will discuss a variety of topics with new parents. These include:

  1. Feeding: At Willow Bend Pediatrics, they will monitor your child’s feeding habits and patterns to make sure that their growth is on track. Depending on whether they are breastfed or formula fed will determine how many times they will be nursed daily.
  2. Diapers: The first stool that a child passes is known as meconium. This typically occurs within the first few days. After the first month, the number of bowel movement will slow down. A pediatrician at Willow Bend Pediatricians is well versed in any problems that parents should be aware of in their newborn.
  3. Sleep: Most newborns sleep 16 to 17 hours a day. Pediatricians will stress the importance of not lying a newborn on their backs to sleep until they are able to roll over themselves. This has been proven to decrease the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in newborns.
  4. Umbilical cord: During a well visit, a pediatrician will offer hygiene tips on keeping the area clean and dry around the umbilical cord. Typically, it falls off by the time the baby is two months old. If there is bleeding, a smelly yellow discharge or any red skin around the area, call your pediatrician immediately.

Ultimately, when you’re a new parent, it’s important to plan your newborn care appointments before giving birth. These well visits typically occur a few days after birth, at 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and beyond. They are important times for you to ask the professional pediatricians at Willow Bend Pediatrics in Plano, TX, any questions you may have about your child’s health. To schedule your newborn’s first visit today, call 972-403-9355.