Physical Exams and Sports Physicals for Children

Discover why every child should visit a doctor at least once a year for these routine medical checkups.physical exam, sports physical

No matter how healthy your child might be, this should never negate getting routine care from one of our Plano, TX, pediatricians. Especially once your child starts school they will be required to get a physical examination depending on the activities they may want to participate in during the school year. Learn more about physical examinations and sports physicals and why your child needs them.

If you think about it, most children only visit the doctor if they need to get vaccinated or if they get sick. But they shouldn’t just go to the doctor when they aren’t feeling well. In fact, our Plano children’s doctors believe that prevention is key to keeping your children healthy and happy. One of the best ways to do this is with a physical examination each year. These physical exams allow us to address not only physical issues but also developmental, psychological and even emotional problems that your child might face.

A physical examination also allows us to detect any potential health issues, preexisting conditions or injuries. Children can get injured and never actually know it. Maybe a seemingly innocuous fall on the playground when your child was really young actually left them with a sprained ankle that didn’t heal properly. In this case, we could detect these old injuries and determine the best course of action to prevent future sprains and injuries while playing sports. This is why sports physicals are so important.

These sports physicals allow us to determine whether or not your child is healthy enough for the activities in which they want to participate. Once a year we get to take a look at your child’s overall health to make sure that there aren’t any health problems that could surface during physical activity. By coming in once a year, we can catch potential problems and stop them from happening or we can detect problems early on when they are much easier to address. This is why every child should get a routine physical examination, no matter how seemingly healthy they may be.

If you need to schedule your child’s next physical exam then it’s time you turned to Willow Bend Pediatrics in Plano, TX, to address all of your child’s health needs. Don’t wait until the end of summer to schedule an appointment. Appointments fill up fast. Call us today!