Well-Child Checkups

Find out why these visits are important and not to be missed.well-child visits

If your child isn’t running a fever or complaining of stomach pains then you may not even think twice about taking your child to visit one of our Plano, TX, pediatricians. Of course, you should still be bringing your child in once a yea for wellness checkups regardless of their health.

What are well-child checkups?

These annual checkups with your Plano, TX children’s doctor are important because not only do they check vital signs, and perform hearing and vision screenings, but this is also a time for children to get the vaccinations they need to protect against potentially deadly infections that could easily be prevented.

Making sure your child comes in regularly is a great way to prevent problems from happening to your little one. Even if your child is healthy, these visits are designed to address any concerns you might have and to determine the best ways to care for your little one so that they remain as healthy as possible.

During these checkups, our pediatricians will also check that your child is reaching the appropriate developmental milestones. These routine wellness checkups are a great time to really get to know your child and to establish rapport with their pediatrician. Since our pediatricians will likely be your child’s doctor until they are fully grown it’s important to have a doctor that knows your children and their thorough medical history to always provide the very best in individualized care.

When should my child start getting wellness checkups?

Once your child is born the first visit should be scheduled within the first few days. From there, we can provide you with a timetable for how often your little one should come in for immunizations and health screenings. It’s also a great time to ask any questions that you might have regarding diet, exercise, lifestyle, school or other factors that could affect your child’s health. We are here to spend one-on-one time with you and your child so it’s important to come in with questions or concerns you might have so we can best address them.

Never hesitate to reach out to Willow Bend Pediatrics in Plano, TX, to schedule your little one’s next appointment. Whether they need to get vaccinated for the flu or your child is fighting an illness, turn to the compassionate experts that will give your child the tender care they deserve.